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For those who want to treat themselves but need to watch their fat or sugar intake, we have the frozen treats you’re looking for. We carry two flavors of Fat Free/Low Sugar as well as two flavors of Fat Free/Sugar Free fresh soft serve ice cream.  The flavors are always changing!  These can be put in a cone or a cup.  Or you can choose to have them made into a sundae or milkshake.   


For those who want “take home options”, we carry premade ice cream cups, pops and ice cream sandwiches in the Fat Free/Low Sugar product. Fat Free/Sugar Free take home treats are available in premade ice cream cups, quarts, and sundaes with “No Sugar Added” toppings.


We stock six different kinds of ice cream pies made with the Fat Free/Low Sugar Product.  Visit our “Ice Cream Dessert Cakes and Pies” page to see your options.  We can even make Ice Cream Cakes with the above products as long as they are ordered twenty-four hours in advance. 


Call us at the number above to order or see our “Ice Cream Menu” page to get pricing.

34 A Broadway, Denville, NJ
Tel.: 973-627-4214
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